Artistic residence as one of the project of the European Capital of Culture Wrocław – San Sebastian 2016


The driving force of the city’s cultural environment is its people: their actions, synergy, creativity, uniqueness and openness. The „Portraits” are an attempt to initiate dialogue with the community of San Sebastian, from my personal reflections. People from San Sebastian are the main theme of my project. By conversating with the residents I created a personal yet accurate vision of the city . Inspired by its pecuralities I created an original series of portraits of its inhabitants –  light installations based on ecological and new artistic technics.

The project consists of 3 parts: public consultations  – dialogue; the creative process – PORTRAITS; Workshops – educational activities.

Collected materials in the form of descriptions, notes, photos and sketches were used for the creation of the Basque portraits – light installations.

The project, with its unusual choice of materials, combines art with ecology. The multicolored foil material is sealed by the parchment paper from discarded plastic bags that fill lots of public spaces.This innovative technique achieves effects like blur painting of form and color  without using traditional techniques and shall create an effect of transparency as the light pierces the LED strip.

The chosen technique allows to melt in the structure typographic elements. Selected sentences, quotes and words collected during the interviews were used for the composition.

PORTRAITS project blog : https://portretyblog.wordpress.com/

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